What is Bleet?

Bleet is an app designed by bloggers, for bloggers. Our goal is to create an app that makes it fun and easy to meet new bloggers in your area.


You can now sign-up and create your profile in anticipation of the app's launch. This will help us verify users.

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What platforms will it be available for?

Initially, development will be focused on iOS. Once testing is complete, the app will be migrated to Android. Our aim is to release both within weeks of each other.

Will it be available worldwide?

Yes, we want everyone, everywhere to be able to find their blogger bestie.

Will you be looking for BETA testers?

Yes. We're keeping a list of everyone who's interested and we'll be contacting them over the next few weeks to arrange testing sessions. You can sign up .

Is it funded?

It's currently partially-funded. However, in the coming months we'll be looking into more funding options.

Do you have programmers?

Yes. We currently have one main programmer who's working hard and are looking to take on more.

When will it be launched?

We're working very hard to complete the app as soon as possible. As we get closer to the end, we'll put a more definite date on it but at the moment, we're happy to say 2018.