#6 February Update

Published by Lucy on Tuesday 13th March 2018

Hi everybody!

How are you all? We hope you've had a lovely month. We're making some great progress with the app and we're very excited to share it with you. So here's our monthly update from our developer, Sam; > The launch of the pre-signup service has gone very smoothly. As this uses much of the same code that the app will use, it's been very helpful for identifying potential issues. So thanks to everyone that has signed up.

We've also been able to run the app against the pre-signup service and this has allowed us to eliminate a few more glitches.

We are happy to say that we're now ready to begin BETA testing. In the next few weeks, emails will begin going out to those people who've signed up to be a BETA tester and we'll begin to work with them to test the app!

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Have a wonderful day,