Blogging With a Baby

Published by Issy Belle Fox on Monday 24th September 2018

I’ve always been exceptionally organised and I knew this was something that would go in my favour when having a baby.Babies are hard work and trying to keep one step ahead of them is the aim of the game.

Being behind on your bottle prep can result in a good half hour of screaming and no body wants that. Naturally, once Freddie arrived, blogging had to take a back seat I mean, it’d be pretty bad if it didn’t but I also didn’t want to fall behind and stop.

Finances meant my beauty posts were going to have to fizzle out but thankfully Freddie’s arrival and the new experiences he came with provided a tonne of content and I somewhat reluctantly fell into the ‘parent blogger’ category.

When he was new born, finding time to write wasn’t a problem as he slept most of the time. It was from around four months that I get to on top of my organisation game and made sure that I cared for Freddie, kept on top of the housework and adult admin stuff and then found time to blog.

When Freddie is home all day I try and stick to the same routine, mornings are for cleaning the kitchen, catching up on bottles and preparing his lunch as well as shoving a washing load and keeping with Drama Alert posts on Youtube because I need to know what Fousey/Rose is up to. Freddie usually goes down for a nap at 10:30-11:30am which then gives me time to have a coffee and and scroll through social media, I can post on Insta, like and comment on some posts, share some tweets and do some blog and Youtube promo as well as wind up some family on Facebook.

Freddie then wakes up and its time for lunch and some more playing, I’ll hang the washing out and clean the bathroom whilst he sees how much of his fist he can fit in his mouth, sometimes some content ideas will pop into my head so I’ll make some notes on my phone. We usually go out in the afternoon to Tesco, a walk by the river or to pop into town and say hi to work.

When we get back Freddie usually has another nap between 3 and 4:30pm, this is when I write up a blog post. At the moment I’m prepping for Blogtober – I haven’t been posting as regularly as I’d like so I’m using it as a way to get back into the swing of things.

Freddie goes to nursery on Tuesdays and at the moment I am still off work so this is the time that I can use to film sit-down videos, take lots of photos and write. This can only be done once I’ve cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors, hoovered the carpets, dusted and changed the bedding on our bed and in Freddie’s cot.

To try and save time so I can actually chill in the evenings I try and prepare dinner the day before, this can be chopping veg and boxing it up in the fridge so that it can just get chucked in a pan or, shoving something in the slow cooker. I also plan our outfits for the week, that’s mine and Freddie’s; it means I don’t waste time on looking for things or deciding what to wear and that we can just get ready and go.

I also never take my laptop to bed (anymore) I’ve made the bedroom a ‘work-free’ space so that I have somewhere to properly relax and not think about blog, baby, housework or werk werk werk.

Luckily, being organised comes naturally to me and I cannot rest until I’m on top of things but I also have a good sense of work-life balance and know when to have a break and give myself some space.

Whilst blogging can generate a decent income, for me it’s still my hobby and outlet so in order to keep it enjoyable, I have to take a step back and release the pressure sometimes.

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